Privacy Policy

It is the belief of EIWA CHEMICAL IND. CO.,LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "The Company") that the privacy of the individual should be respected and that provision of proper and appropriate security in respect of private information is a social responsibility, and it is in this spirit that The Company implements procedures for the handling of private information under the provisions of the policy detailed hereunder.

The Company shall formulate regulations regarding the handling of private information and shall ensure that its employees shall strictly observe such regulations. Additionally, The Company shall require that outside companies to which work is consigned treat private information in an appropriate manner and shall take the necessary and appropriate measures to oversee procedures for handling of such information.

The scope within which private information shall be used shall be defined and usage of such information restricted to said scope.

Secure administrative measures shall be implemented to ensure security of private information and The Company shall take every possible preventative and remedial measure to eliminate the risk of such incidents as illegal access to and leakage, loss and modification of such information.

The Company shall diligently review and improve administrative and handling procedures in respect of private information. Handling of Private Information.

Purpose of Usage of Private Information Private information provided shall not, without obtaining prior permission, be used for purposes other than sales of The Company’s products, provision of services, response to enquiries, contact regarding products and services, research and other activities necessary in conducting the business of The Company. Furthermore, in the event that private information is acquired and/or used for purposes beyond the scope of activities detailed above, the purposes of such acquisition and/or usage shall be clearly defined in advance of such acquisition and/or usage.


Eiwa Chemical Ind. Co. Ltd., will act to observe all laws and company regulations taking the position that social demands are to be actively met under “Mitsubishi Gas Chemical (MGC) Group Compliance”.

Compliance is broadly defined as:

“A recognition of our social responsibilities as a business enterprise coupled with our observance of laws and regulations, company rules and social norms, and the conduct in a fair and equitable manner of free and transparent business operations.”

Necessity of compliance

The environment surrounding business is changing greatly, and corporations are coming under stricter scrutiny. It is no longer acceptable for companies to excuse their actions by saying “we are obeying the law,” “we always did things this way in the past,” or “everyone is doing the same thing.” It is therefore necessary to prevent misconduct in the company and in oneself through understanding and practicing “compliance” correctly.

Furthermore, by practicing compliance and conducting business activities in a fair, open manner, the company will earn the trust and sympathy not only of our stakeholders, such as the shareholders, customers, local communities, and employees, but also of society in general. This will lead to smooth business activities supported by local communities, the acquisition of new customers and markets, growth of corporate value due to better evaluations by shareholders/investors, and will contribute to further growth of Eiwa Chemical and MGC group.

Establishment of a Compliance Committee

A Compliance Committee has been established to preside over the compliance system, prevent misconduct before it occurs, and also to deal with individual cases of compliance violation.

Establishment of a Compliance Consultation Desk

A Compliance Consultation Desk has been established to assist with confusion over judgments concerning compliance problems, and for cases in which compliance violations are not, or it is feared will not be, rectified via the corporate system.

Compliance Consultation Desk to assist all compliance problems. Contact our compliance consultation desk via written forms such as letters or e-mails as listed under :

EIWA CHEMICAL IND. CO.,LTD. Attention Compliance Consultation Desk
Daido Seimei Co. Kyoto Building 3F, Sanjo-sagaru karasuma-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan


Compliance Consultation Desk shall protect the privacy of consulters, reporters and persons cooperating with the investigation and shall not reveal their names nor the fact that they made a report to anyone other than the concerned parties.

* To grasp the situation correctly, contacts by e-mail or letter are highly recommended.