Blowing agent masterbatch


One of Eiwa’s Pellet type blowing agent masterbatch brand for plastic. Pre-mixed with PE, PP, PS, EVA, and ABS resin with additives. Environment friendly. Suitable for automatic scaling system and continuous molding.

● Application

Food tray

Food tray

Injection-Core-Pack forming materials

Injection-Core-Pack forming materials


Construction(e.g. : arris fillet ,batten cleat )

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● Competitive Edges By Applications

Injection Molding
Automatic scaling system
Improve hardness
Improve dimensional accuracy
Improve surface smoothness
Sound isolation, Sound insulation
Extrusion Molding
Refining cell for profile extrusion
Downsizing, weight reduction and refining cell for Food sheets as well as other industrial sheets.
Nuucleating agent in gas blowing. Refining cell and minimize aging time.
Even more applications such as….
Commodity plastics as well as PC, modified PPE, PET, PBT, Nylon, Thermoplastic elastomer and other engineering plastics.

● Packing Options

  • Packing:NET 15kgs, 20 kgs
  • Super-sack:NET 500 kgs

● Grades

Product Names POPL Resins Blowing
dp(℃) GV*
ABS POLYTHLENE EB106 ABS ADCA 200 130 Standard grade for Higher forming pressure. To give wood pattern.
POLYTHLENE EB207 ABS INORGANIC 205 110 Suitable for injection molding of ABS superior in surfacing and whitening.
PE POLYTHLENE EE25C PE INORGANIC 155 165 Suitable for injection and extrusion molding of PE and PP; superior in surfacing and whitening.
POLYTHLENE EE275F PE INORGANIC 155 230 Finner cell. Superior in bubble core formation in gas blowing.
POLYTHLENE EE65C PE INORGANIC 155 235 Suitable for Injection-Core-Pack forming. Avoid contamination in mold and mold appatus.
POLYTHLENE EE405F PE INORGANIC 155 350 Higher concentration. Finner cell.
POLYTHLENE EE515 PE INORGANIC 155 450 Higher concentration. Finner cell. Minimum gum formation.
POLYTHLENE EE206 PE ADCA 200 190 Standard grade for Higher forming pressure blowing. To give wood pattern.
POLYTHLENE EE207 PE INORGANIC 205 125 Finner cell. Minimum silver streaks.
POLYTHLENE EE204 PE INORGANIC 240 80 Suitable grade for engineering plastic higher temperature decomposition.
POLYTHLENE EE105 PE INORGANIC 155 50 Superior efficiency in gas decomposition. Suitable for preventing sinks and warps.
POLYTHLENE EE205 PE INORGANIC 155 90 Standard grade.Suitable for low forming pressure and injection molding to prevent sinks.
PS POLYTHLENE ES405 PS INORGANIC 155 340 Higher concentration. Superior in surfacing.
POLYTHLENE ES106 PS ADCA 200 120 Standard grade for Higher forming pressure blowing. To give wood pattern.
POLYTHLENE ES207A PS INORGANIC 205 120 Suitable for injection molding of PS, modified PEE, PRO; superior in surfacing and whitening.
EVA POLYTHLENE EV405D EVA INORGANIC 155 260 Minimum gum formation. Applicable for TPE blowing application. Higher concentration. Finner cell.
POLYTHLENE EV306G EVA ADCA 150 330 Suitable for PE PP TPE ABS extrusion molding. Superior flexibility in molding. Finner cell.
155 460 Higher concentration. Suitable for PE PP PVC TPE extrusion molding.
155 170 Suitable for preventing sinks of PE PP PVC TPE injection and extrusion moldings.

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*Gas volume is standard condition (0℃, 1 barometric pressure).

●These data are representative data, not specification.

● Examples of base resin

Resins Product Names
LDPE EE205、EE206、EE275F、EE405F
HDPE EE205、EE206、EE207
m-PPE ES106
PS ES105-6、ES207A、ES405
ABS EB106、EB207
PP EE25C、EE65C、EE206
PET EE206、EE204
PA EB106、EE204、EE35C-4
POM EE206、EE204

● Examples of molding

Extrusion Molding

No. Base resins Blowing agent Addition amount preset temperature(℃) Blowing rate
C1 C2 C3 D
1 PP POLYTHLENE EE405F 2 180 220 200 170 1.5
2 PS POLYTHLENE ES405 2 160 200 170 160 2.5
3 ABS POLYTHLENE EB106 4 190 220 200 180 1.5
4 TPO POLYTHLENE EV405D 3 180 210 200 170 1.5

Injection Molding

No. Blowing agent Addition amount Blowing rate Features
1 POLYTHLENE EE25C 3~4 1.4~1.7 Minute cells excellent in touch and appearance are generated. Injection-Core-Pack forming.
2 POLYTHLENE EE65C 2~3 1.5~2.0 Maximum blowing ratio. Injection-Core-Pack forming.
3 POLYTHLENE EE206 2 1.4~1.7 Water resistance type. Excellent in humidity resistance. Injection-Core-Pack forming.
4 POLYTHLENE EE106 1 1.1 prevent distortion and crook
5 POLYTHLENE ES207 2 1.1 prevent distortion and crook
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