Azodicarbonamide(ADCA) type of blowing agents


Eiwa’s ADCA type blowing agent and its compounds.
Its unique minimum decomposition heat temperature characteristics and tan-free properties make it a favorite agent for plastic sheets with thickness.

● Application


Press foam body


Wall papers

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● Major Constituent

  • Chemical Name:Azodicarbonamide or ADCA
  • Chemical Formula:C₂H₄N₄O₂ H₂NOCN=NCONH₂
  • CAS RN:123-77-3

● Packing Options

  • Packing:Net 15 or 20 kg

● Grades

Product Names dp(℃) GV*(ml/g) Features
VINYFOR AC#R 208 205 rough powder type.(Median particle diamiter 30μ)
VINYFOR AC#3 208 210 Standard type with high decomposition temperature(Median particle diamiter 17μm)
VINYFOR AC#93 208 210 Fine powder type.(Median particle diamiter 8μm)
VINYFOR AC#3C-K2 208 210 Fine powder type.Superior in decomposition time.(Median particle diamiter 5μm)
VINYFOR AC#6-K6 205 220 Maximum blowing ratio. Superior in brightness determination.
VINYFOR AC-1L-C 200 210 Superior in decomposition time. Finner cell result.
VINYFOR AC#3SW 208 200 Wettable oil agent. Reduce scatter of power for better working environment.
VINYFOR ST#78 209 170 Minimize the impact of moisture.
VINYFOR DW#6 165 210 Rich gas formation. Economical.Suitable for PE high density injection molding. Finner cells. Coloring-free product.
VINYFOR SE#30 142 140 Blowing agent suitable for lower temperature decomposition.
FE-788 140 135 Blowing agent suitable for lower temperature decomposition.Superior in decomposition time.

*Gas volume is standard condition (0℃, 1 barometric pressure).

●These data are representative data, not specification.

● Amount of GAS Generation

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