DPT type of blowing agents


Eiwa’s DPT type blowing agent and its compounds developed for natural rubbers and synthetic rubbers.

● Application

pressure foming of rubbers

pressure foming of rubbers

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● Major Constituent

  • Chemical Name:N,N´-dinitrosopentamethylenetetramine or DPT
  • Chemical Formula:C₅H₁₀N₆O₂
  • H₂C N CH₂
    ON-N CH₂ N-NO
    H₂C N CH₂
  • CAS RN:101-25-7

● Packing Options

  • Packing:NET 20kg

● Grades

Product Names dp(℃) GV*(ml/g) Features
CELLULAR D 205 242 "generates bigger quantity of gas, and high decomposition temperature.
suitable for Vulcanization forming of natural / synthetic rubber with blowing agent additives(CELLPASTE)"
CELLULAR L-85 205 185 Wet-powdered type. Easy to handle. Suitable for pressure forming of CR.
CELLULAR GX 123 125 Wet-powdered product made from CELLULAR-D with blowing agent CELLPASTE. Easy to handle.
CELLULAR CK#54 123 125 Suitable for EPDM ordinary pressure.

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*Gas volume is standard condition (0℃, 1 barometric pressure).

●These data are representative data, not specification.

● Amount of GAS Generation

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