Eiwa’s blowing agent masterbatch brand specialized in high concentration and high dispersion developed by Eiwa’s own technology.
With its better dispersibility and reduction of gum formation, it will improve efficiency and work environment. Eiwa sill assure you the highest quality products.

  • Plastics
  • +
  • Panthlene
  • Foam body
  • Highly foamed Low density Polyethlene
  • Coating Electric wire and cable
  • Olefin sheet wall paper, Olefin leather
  • Coating Steel pipe
  • Highly formed Low density Plastic Pallets and other large scale resin mold products
  • Rotational Molding products
  • Highly formed Low density sheets and films
  • Blow Molding Products
  • Profile Extrusion Form products

● Application

Various cushion material

Various cushion material

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● Major Constituent

  • resing:Olefin resins etc.
  • Chemical blowing agent :ADCA etc.
Hot cut Strand cut
Normal type Weaving type Normal type
Normal concentration rate of blowing agent(%) 50 50 10〜20
Normal size(mm) Φ3.7×3.5L Φ3.7×1.8L Φ3.0×3.0L

● Equipment and System

Mixing and Supply Kneading and Molding
  • Tumbler
  • Scale
  • Continuous feeder
  • Kneader
  • Mixing Roll
  • Extruding device
  • Injection Molding device

● Packing Options

  • Paper bag:NET 20 kgs
  • Super-sack:500kg

● Grades

Product Names Resins dp(℃) GV*(ml/5g) Features
PANTHLENE H7351 PE 200 850 ADCA 70% Masterbatch
PANTHKENE H3510 PE 155 240 Inorganic blowing agent. Suitable for Injection Core-back molding.

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*Gas volume is standard condition (0℃, 1 barometric pressure).

●These data are representative data, not specification.

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