Endothermic type blowing agent


Eiwa’s endothermic type blowing agent and compounds developed for Extrusion molding for PS, ABS Pe and PP.
Nontoxic, Odor free, and white color blowing agent manufactured by carbon dioxide gas process.
It is made out of Sodium Bicarbonate so easy is to handle offering safety operation as well as optimum storage conveniences. It gives flexibilities to various molding options.
Its fine cell contributes to the surface smoothness. Its bubble core formation for PS and PP will help to reduce the aging time. It is POPL registered product so favorite for food packaging application.

● Application

Food tray

Food tray



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● Major Constituent

  • Chemical Name:Sodium hydrogencarbonate
  • Chemical Formula:NaHCO₃
  • CAS RN:144-55-8

● Packing Options

  • Packing:Net 20, 15 or 25 kg

● Grades

Product Names POPL dp(℃) GV*(ml/g) Features
FE-507 150 150 Suitable for extrusion molding of PS and PE, and injection styrene-based resins.
FE-507R 150 160 Suitable for Larger cell formation compared with conventional inorganic type blowing agents. Higher blowing rate for rubber application.
CELLBORN SC-P 150 140 bigger gas evolution than SC-K.
CELLBORN SC-K 150 95 PS, PE, PP extrusion.
FE-512 196 190 Suitable for extrusion molding of PS and PE.

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*Gas volume is standard condition (0℃, 1 barometric pressure).

●These data are representative data, not specification.

● Applications

Blowing Methods Functions Plastic matrix Our Brand name Note
Cell size Blowing rate Others
Chemical blowing Blowing agent PS・ABS
Cellborn SC-K
Cellborn SC-P
Cellborn SC-855
Gas blowing Core chemicals PS・PE・PP Cellborn SC-K Anti-shrink

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●Extrusion Molding Sheet (PE・PS・PP・ABS)
Cutlery, Stationary, Roll cores, Wrapping materials, Construction, Packing materials, etc.

●Injection Molding(PE・PS・PP and various engineering plastics)
Speaker box, OA housing, TV housing, Pallets, Drainage box, and miscellaneous plastic goods.

●Profile Extrusion(PVC・PE・PS・PP)
Crosstie, Synthetic word, Metal Piping Coating, Light Current parts, etc.

●Monofilament, Yarn, Cable ties, Shopping bag and Various film.

●Gas Blowing Extrusion Molding
Fruits packages, PSP, PEP, Plastic Blocks, Metal Piping Thermal Insulation Coating, Various cushion material.

● Amount of GAS Generation

The registration number of Japan Hygienic Olefin And Styrene Plastics Association(JHOSPA)
〔B〕NL-3440 CELLBORN SC-855
〔B〕NL-3188 FE-507

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