OBSH type of blowing agents


Eiwa’s OBSH type blowing agent and its compounds developed for synthetic rubbers and various plastics.
Suitable for the application requires high whiteness, odor free and environment friendly process.

● Application

foaming rubber roller

Foaming rubber roller



Wet suit

Wet suit

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● Major Constituent

  • Chemical Name:4,4´-oxybis(benzenesulfonylhydrazide or OBSH
  • Chemical Formula:C₁₂H₁₄N₄O₅S₂ H₂NHNO₂SOSO₂NHNH₂
  • CAS RN:80-51-3

● Packing Options

  • Packing:Net 20, 15 or 25 kg

● Grades

Product Names dp(℃) GV*(ml/g) Features
NEOCELLBORN N#1000S 160 125 Finner cell. Superior in ''touch'' of finish product and its appearance when used for molding of CR and EPDM. Median particle diameter 14μm.
NEOCELLBORN N#5000 160 125 Effective tool for chloroprene, EPDM, and various resins;White-type blowing agent. No additives required. (Median particle diameter 12μm)
NEOCELLBORN N#1000M 160 125 Finner grains compared with N-5000. Superior in decomposition speed. Suitable for PVC wall paper.(Median particle diameter 4μm)
NEOCELLBORN N#1000SW 160 120 Wet-powdered type. Easy to handle.
NEOCELLBORN SB#51 165 70 Superior in dispersion. Superior effciency in gas decomposition.

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*Gas volume is standard condition (0℃, 1 barometric pressure).

●These data are representative data, not specification.

● Amount of GAS Generation

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