Blowing agent masterbatch for rubbers


Eiwa’s blowing agent masterbatch brand for rubbers. Pre-mixed with EPDM, NBR, CR and silicon rubber. Sheet or Pellet type high performance masterbatch made of suitable blowing agents mixed with suitable additives. Improves dispersibility, work efficiency, work environment.

● Application



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● Major Constituent

  • Chemical Blowing Agent:Vinyfor, Cellular, Neocellborn, Excellar, Spancell, Cellborn
  • Additives:CELLPASTE
  • Resins:"EPDM、NBR、CR、SBR、IIR、Silicon rubber, etc.
  • Concentration:30~50%

● Packing Options

  • Packing; Case 20 kg

● Grades

Product Names dp(℃) GV(ml/g) Features
NEOTHLENE EM804A EPDM ADCA High concentration ADCA Masterbatch. Superior working effeciency.
NEOTHLENE EM80NA-150M EPDM OBSH High concentration OBSH Masterbatch. High dispersion. Less contanination. Minimum agglomeration.
NEOTHLENE RM40N-150M EPDM OBSH Finner powder type OBSH Masterbatch. Superior in dispersion.
NEOTHLENE HM80FA EPDM INORGANIC High concentration Inorganic Masterbatch. Superior working effeciency.
NEOTHLENE HM50B EPDM microcapsules Masterbatch to improve working effeciency by micro-encapsulation.
NEOTHLENE HM50UP EPDM Urea Pellet type Masterbatch. Miminimze urea himidity.
NEOTHLENE HN50UA NBR Urea Pellet type Masterbatch. Miminimze urea himidity.
NEOTHLENE HS50AA Silicone AIBN Suitable grade for silicone rubber blowing.

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*Gas volume is standard condition (0℃, 1 barometric pressure).

●These data are representative data, not specification.

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